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Third annual limoncello post, part two

Wine Drink Always
Success!  Final product:

In order to mix the herb flavors with the lemon in a pleasing manner, I macerated them separately for seventeen days.  See this post for the ratios of lemon peel and herbs to vodka.  At this point, they're basically tinctures.

Then, I strained them through muslin.

These are the rose petals. The vodka takes all the color out of them.

I made the simple syrup in two separate batches, one for the lemon and one to split among the herbs.  (Make sure the syrup is cooled to room temperature before adding it to the vodka.) I added the syrup separately to each container. Left to right: peppermint, lavender, rose.

I tasted while adding syrup to the herbals; it turned out just right.  I used the same ratio as for plain limoncello, using a little simple algebra I actually remember from middle school.

lemon: 1320 mL water, 3 2/3 c sugar
herbs: 660mL water, 1 2/3 c sugar

Going slowly and tasting as I went, I mixed plain limoncello and one herb liqueur in a large measuring cup until I got about 750mL (the size of my empty bottles) before transferring it to a clean bottle and going on to the next one.  It went like this:

650mL lemon, 100mL rose
650mL lemon, 100mL peppermint
675mL lemon, 75mL lavender

The lavender was the strongest of the three herbs and, well, tends to taste kind of like fancy soap on its own and without the syrup, so I went a bit easy on that one.  I actually ended up with quite a bit extra of the herbal liqueurs.  Maybe I can use them for cocktails if nothing else.  Next time I will definitely make smaller batches of the herbs.

Click on the Limoncello tag for entries from 2009-2011 and the original recipe.


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Jun. 18th, 2011 04:58 pm (UTC)
They look fabulous. :)

You should have seen me trying to take the specific gravity of the wine today. I should take a picture if I can find the camera.
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